Prescott Legal Search is your legal staffing firm for all kinds of attorney jobs
Legal recruiter for legal jobs from in house legal counsel jobs to temporary legal staffing.

Top candidates for legal jobs, from temporary legal staffing to in-house legal counsel know the best legal recruiter in Texas is Prescott Legal Search.

How We Can Help You: Prescott Legal Search has experienced and knowledgeable legal recruiting professionals practicing in each of its Austin, Dallas and Houston offices who devote their time solely to consulting with clients, and then recruiting, interviewing and introducing qualified candidates for open legal jobs. Staffing authorities in both corporate legal departments and law firms who regularly work with a legal headhunter have awarded Prescott the highest possible ratings in each of The American Lawyer's most recent surveys of the nation's legal recruiters.

Our consultants' prior experience combined with our over 28 years of legal recruiting, has led to our reputation as the premier legal headhunter in Texas. We know how top people conduct their legal job search. How does this benefit you?

  • As your legal recruiter, we consult with you to help determine what type of candidates will best fit your legal jobs hiring needs, whether it's for in-house counsel jobs or for temporary legal staffing.
  • We provide candid and realistic advice about the likelihood of a successful search based on factors used by our legal recruiters, including compensation, job duties, opportunities for promotion and other important considerations, and a few that are unique to Prescott Legal Search.
  • Our thorough market knowledge and experience as legal recruiters and extensive, proprietary database give you access to the best candidates in all practice areas.
  • We take the majority of the time-consuming recruiting process out of your hands.
  • Essentially, you get to concentrate on what you do best--practice law; and we concentrate on what we do best--recruit. As leading legal headhunters, we know how the best legal professionals search for legal jobs, and we make all our resources available to you. Whether you need a law firm attorney, in-house legal counsel or have temporary legal staffing needs, Prescott legal can find the right person for the job.

In-house legal counsel? Temporary legal staffing? National search for legal jobs? Whatever your legal staffing need, Prescott Legal search is the legal recruiter for you.

Prescott Legal Search has outstanding nationwide search capabilities from which our clients benefit. We've been the premier legal headhunter in Texas since 1981 and we have developed an extensive, proprietary database of potential candidates in all of the major practice areas. Prescott's legal recruiters are networked into our continually updated database that includes detailed information about each individual's academic and employment history, practice areas, compensation and the types of positions they would most seriously consider. Virtually every lawyer and legal assistant practicing in Texas with a large law firm or company is in our database. Additionally, we are part of the Special Counsel network of 37 offices throughout the country - the largest legal staffing company in the nation.

Prescott Legal Search, the legal recruiter for all kinds of legal jobs, from in-house legal counsel to temporary legal staffing.

Our database also contains extensive information on outstanding attorneys across the country who have Texas connections or have expressed an interest in finding a legal job in Texas, as well as information on attorneys with the country's major law firms and corporate law departments. We have been the legal headhunter on nationwide attorney searches for law firms and corporations by recruiting attorneys for everything from in-house counsel jobs to temporary legal staffing assignments, including intellectual property, energy, real estate, labor law, health law, corporate and securities law, media and entertainment, international law and litigation.

Starting a recruiting process from scratch can be, at best, laborious and time consuming - it's well worth it to hire professional legal recruiters. When you enlist the professional assistance of Prescott Legal Search, our search consultants will contact, screen, interview and then introduce to you only those candidates who precisely meet your defined search criteria. You will not waste valuable time sifting through resumes or interviewing candidates who are excellent on paper, but not a personality fit for your group.

You are in the business of practicing law, and we are in the business of legal recruiting, finding the lawyers and other legal professionals to help you do what you are trained to do--let us do just that! We invite you to contact us to discuss your hiring needs for legal jobs, and your objectives--we are confident you will be pleased when you do.

Prescott Legal Search: Texas legal recruiters with quality candidates for legal jobs, from in-house legal counsel jobs to temporary legal staffing.
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