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Attorneys We Can Assist: The firms and companies that engage Prescott have demanding expectations of the candidates and they hire a legal recruiter like Prescott to find the best. Our clients want candidates with strong academic records from the top national and regional law schools who have practiced with leading law firms and corporate law departments. Because of our clients' strict standards, we have found that we rarely can assist those lawyers who do not meet these requirements. Our search consultants give clients a thorough evaluation of how and why we believe the candidate is a strong potential fit for our client's opening. We provide the same service to top candidates for attorney jobs. If you believe your skills are in demand, and you would like to know what legal job opportunities exist in the market, please feel free to contact us. Our legal recruiters will be pleased to visit with you and give you a candid evaluation of your potential position in the marketplace, and will apprise you of all opportunities that are consistent with your experience and interests. Prescott Legal Search will not share your resume with any third party without your prior, expressed approval, and we will continually look out for your best long-term career interests.

Attorneys with Portable Business: Our law firm clients realize the value of considering attorneys with portable business in each practice area. Prescott Legal Search has an excellent track record of successful, long-standing placements when placing lawyers with business and moving entire practice groups. We often recruit such groups for our clients by attracting candidates who initially had no intention or desire to leave their current firm. Groups also approach us because they know we will handle their inquiry with the utmost discretion. If you believe that you might benefit from being associated with another law firm, please let us know-we would be pleased to visit with you and give you an assessment of what opportunities might exist for you in the legal job market.

New Graduates: Employers who use us for lateral hiring act as their own legal recruiters for new law school graduates. In only the extremely rare cases are employers willing to pay a fee to legal recruiters for a new graduate. We recommend that law school graduates who do not have a job upon graduation use their law school placement office, local bar associations and legal periodicals where they wish to practice, Martindale-Hubbell and the widely-published networking techniques to find their initial employment. While the market may be difficult, a thorough search can be fruitful.

Equal Employment Opportunity: Our objective is to ensure that all employment and employment-related decisions are in accordance with the principle of equal employment opportunity. Learn more by reading our entire policy.

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Legal recruiter for attorney jobs, paralegal jobs, legal nurse consultant jobs